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Conquer the world!

Oh!Tomi cosmetics have been created with active care in mind, which is not another boring duty but a pleasure full of fun! The power of natural ingredients and the dreamy scents hidden in each gorgeous box will enhance your personality and your mood. Have a great time and show your colours!

Celebrate what's most beautiful
in you!

We don’t believe in too much tampering with beauty! We want our cosmetics to highlight what's most beautiful inside you: big dreams and good vibes! So we care not just about your body. We know you have a fantastic sense of humour, you love your friends to bits and adore music! Oh, and that sometimes – just sometimes – you want to be left alone! We do believe Oh!Tomi improves your mood, brings a bright smile to your face and provokes adventures
– and this is exactly what life is about!

Summer ready or in a winter wonderland?

We have something for any occasion, for all types of skin and for any season! Browse, discover and test – at Oh!Tomi world you will find something special for yourself, no doubts! If you’re in need of refreshment – count on our fantastic Grapefruit or juicy Strawberry. When it’s a little bit colder outside, you may want to warm yourself with Hot Coffee or Linden Flower. One thing can be taken for granted: a bright smile will play across your face with our products!

Consciously, naturally…

Although we do have fun while making our products, we create the world of trustworthy, natural, plant-based cosmetics. We treat the whole thing very seriously and that is exactly how we also take our customers. We build the knowledge base and constantly help the customers reach the status of conscious users of contemporary, natural body care products. It’s quite a big challenge!