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Bath salt


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Treat yourself to an intoxicating aromatherapeutic session in your own bathroom. Caress your body and keep it in great shape thanks to nourishing and smoothing minerals. Match the scent to your mood, let your senses relax and your mind unwind.
How to use?

Grab a handful of this delicious Salt, run it under water and dip your body in pure delight. Let us take you to a tropical island!

  • handmade
  • cruelty-free
  • SLS/SLES free
What's inside?

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Tropical, energizing and vibrating smell of Grapefruit is your citrusy-dream come true. Invigorating and refreshing, it helps you to stimulate your senses. Go on, open up the world!

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The scent of nourishment and sunny spells – here comes the Rainbow! This is a note of freshness that you can only experience when the longed-for sun comes out after the rain. Try this unmistakable smell!

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The fragrance of sunshine in a Caribbean street – it’s a warm scent of the holiday, positive vibrations, and passionate emotions. Let us take you to the sun and feel it on your skin!

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Exotic Melon is a dose of happiness and a dollop of good mood. It soothes the senses, relaxes and boosts your confidence. To the next adventure, please!

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Vanilla & Orange

Wonderfully aromatic, sweet Vanilla and refreshing, invigorating Orange is a match made in heaven. The scent soothes your senses, boosting the energy, vitality and waking up a fantastic mood!

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